Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen...

And all those coming from my other long-standing blog, Welcome Back. Well let's skip all that "I don't know how to start this blog, I probably won't have any readers, blah blah" first post and instead just introduce the setting and characters of this movie.

Setting: Small little young homestead in Middle TN. We love the Lord and are striving to serve Him the best we can. One of those ways we believe is to strive to be more self-sufficient and good stewards of our time, money and land. Our family is growing all the time and life is always BUSY busy busy. I mean who's NOT busy when there's wood to split, a house to tend, animals to feed, little people to homeschool, gardens that need attention, and the other 593,991 things on my to do list. And if you're not busy and have a similar life, PLEASE contact me and tell me where I'm going wrong because by this time tomorrow I probably will only have crossed off 4 things off my list :D

Purpose: The main reason of this blog is to give my family across the country a glimpse into our daily life and to snag great pictures of our gorgeous children. But also, it's to document our journey from an unworked small piece of land to a stuffed full, every inch working for us, as self-sufficient as we can make it, homestead. We hope that we may inspire and help others in their similar journeys, or hey, in journeys that are nothing like ours! There's inspiration to be gleaned everywhere right?

Frank - Jedi, Chicken Turkey and Duck Wrangler, Goofball, Smartie, Early Riser, and VERY good friend of mine.

Cassie - Best Baby Wrangler In The World, Sweetest, Most Loving, Gentle, Generous, Overall Great Sister and Angel Girl.

Adric - Hilarious, Vibrant, Silly, Smart, Fiesty, Pirate/Eye Patch Wearer, Two Different Colored Eyes Guy, First Blondie, Firey Dude.

Garrison - Carrot and Apple Eater, Smart as a Whip, Talking Up a Storm, Loverboy.

Big Daddy Clay - Strong, Gentle, Brave, Insanely Handsome, Hardworking, Forgiving, Tolerant, Best Friend, Love of My Life, and Get-Up-At-4:30AM-Everyday-Guy.

Prince - RIP Prince. The meanest, go after an 8 year-old's face, then turn on a 1 year old, forever sealing his fate as the main attraction in an upcoming chicken and pumpkin soup movie.

Me - Didn't think you were getting one of ME did you? BWAhahaha. You have a lot to learn Young Padawan. Okay okay I'll throw you a bone.

Until next time.....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Family! My first visit to your blog and will be back. Whoa sister your list of things to do is very overwhelming. Tuck that big list behind a smaller list to work off of and when you get the smaller list completed move a couple of things up front from the big list. My husband and I are in our first year of Homesteading and while it can be overwhelming we just keep plugging along slow and steady.

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Enjoyed your blog... I think we're neighbors!