Monday, December 15, 2008

Boys and Bread

So with Jack Frost nipping at all of our noses, I needed a little comfy cozy post. One that warms the heart and soul. So we'll just pretend it's Fall. Make some spiced tea, light a fire, look at cute pictures and plan all that warm whole wheat bread you want to make.

First, a cute boy. A cute boy sitting in leaves. That always makes a person smile right? Who doesn't love little boys sitting in piles of leaves? Well Garrison doesn't I guess! He looks so unhappy.
Ahh but it's short lived. There's the sweetheart boy.

Now onto bread. I've made our own bread for a long time. Okay I make it on and off. I've gone through periods where I used a breadmaker, I've gone through periods where I felt like I had to do all sourdough, I've gone through periods of all store bought bread *gasp*I've decided lately to really learn to make GREAT whole wheat bread. Now don't get me wrong, Clay would say that I have always made great bread, and Uh Um... I have of course :) But I want perfect bread, light sliceable sandwich worthy whole wheat bread. Once I get there, it's back to learning to get great at sourdough again. And I want to learn to make great sourdough too. None of the super sense slightly off whole wheat sourdough so many are making (me included!) After reading online there are some people rockin some fluffy perfect all sourdough no yeast type whole wheat sourdough. It just isn't me. SO....

Get THIS book!

Click on the picture to go to buy this great book. Honestly it's the best whole wheat book out there. It goes into great detail about everything you need to know about making bread, kneading, all the troubleshooting you could ever want, it's ALL whole grains, NO white flour in any of the recipes and so far every recipe is perfect. It also does gluten free breads, quick breads, using alternative flours, sweet breads, and just a number of great plain ole whole wheat breads. Everything I've made out of there so far has been amazing, sliceable sandwich worthy bread. Pictures? Pictures you ask? Of course I have pictures of the last bread I made out of that book. It was whole wheat challah. It was awesome.

One recipe made both the biggest braided loaf ever and a pan loaf. Looks great right?

Anyways, off to bed.

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Kristin said...

Very nice looking bread!

I've made our bread for years. Can't stand to buy it anymore. I'd still love to get the book you recommend though. Someday. Like I need anymore cookbooks!