Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lord's Table Study

I've posted in the past about my struggles with weight. I thought I'd share this amazing resource with those who haven't seen it. Recently I've had to come to terms with the fact that for ME weight is most definitely a spiritual issue. Lack of self-control, self-discipline, laziness, food as an idol/turning to food before the Lord in times of pain, boredom, escapism, and general giving in to the lust of the flesh, all those issues are rooted in sin, rooted in lack of relationship with the Lord Jesus.

I've tried endlessly to do this weight thing on my own, of my own power and clearly *cough cough* I am failing. I am powerless over this sin without the Lord. When I try and do it without HIM all I experience is my weakness when what I need is His strength.

There is a great Bible study online called The Lord's Table at
Setting Captives Free also has studies on other food issues, substance abuse, s*x issues, and self-injury/cutting, etc. When you sign up you are given an email mentor who gets sent your answers, is a prayer partner, etc. for you if you want that. You can also buy a book version of that at CBD here if you like to hold things in your hand. I know I do but haven't been able to buy it yet.

They do have an eating plan that I personally do not agree with as being a true healthy way to lose weight so I don't do that. But the study itself is amazing. I hope this helps someone out there! Off to do tonight's lesson and go to bed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Declaration of Independence

If you haven't read this, or haven't in a long time, as we celebrate Independence Day this weekend in the US, now's the time. Click on it below and it will take you to a readable transcript. And hey, while you're there, take a peek at the Constitution, read yourself the Bill of Rights. Have you done it since High School?

Hope everyone is enjoying the freedom to assemble together with our families and celebrate this day. We're off to the July 3rd celebration at our church complete with food, fireworks, fabulous southern gospel band, fun crafts and fellowship! Link