Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adding to the LIST

That dreaded list. I've gotten some emails from people saying my list looks just like theirs and some from others afraid that I was freaking myself out over the list. When in fact the list leaves me feeling the opposite. I feel better knowing what I can work on checking off the list. It's like having a super crazy messy room to clean up. It seems like it will take you hours but if you just start ticking off parts of it before you know it you're halfway done and wonder where the time went. I think maybe I might put the first handful of things on the top of my list in the sidebar and start crossing them off as I go. BUT I need to add something to the list. And it's something I want done in the Spring!

Vermicomposting. There's something magical to me about a tub o' worms making me high quality compost as fast as they can. So adding to the list:

  • Figure out the Oscar Jr. plans
  • Get Rubbermaid tubs
  • Get worms!
  • Get Clay to shred paper for me at work
  • Convince Frankie of the wonders of worms and how this is HIS new job

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Kim, (it's Cathy by the way!) I had Shif make a worm box last Spring and I NEVER ordered the worms!! Kenneth was all ready to do it too! Ugh! Maybe we can help encourage each other in the wonderful world of vermicomposting!! Nice blog and love your list.