Saturday, December 20, 2008

Building a pond...

We have always wanted a pond. Clay especially wants one. Here are our detailed instructions:

First build up sides with feet.

In case of emergency and sections fail, use hands.

Pour water from random Rubbermaid in yard filled with rainwater.

Then of course slowly drizzle rainwater from random milkjug in yard so it's got the perfect amount.

Stop for a minute and look 15 instead of 7 and freak your Mom out.

And laugh at Mom for acting like she's a REAL photographer. Remind me why that's funny again? Sigh.

Finally deem pond finished.

Just so your younger brother can jump over it, risking the life of the entire pond.

And get annoyed at mom for taking so many pictures.

Fabulous pond finished. Now go make one for yourself. Every good homestead needs one.

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