Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Garden Journal - Tuesday June 30th

Smaller Garden:
  • Loads of green tomatoes. Haven't seen any aphids or tomato hornworms yet.
  • A handful of cherry tomatoes everyday
  • We've gotten maybe 8 big tomatoes. A couple Mortgage lifters, a few Bush Goliath, and a few of something I didn't pay attention to what they were.
  • Cucumbers are just now reaching 5 feet tall on the trellis. Are getting a handful (5 or 6) of cucumbers everyday.
  • Lots of hot chili peppers on the plants. Have picked a handful of the thin green ones.
  • Bell peppers are starting on a few plants as well.
  • Getting a handful of green beans off the teepees everyday.
  • A few small yellow squash on the ys plant
  • Zucchini plants are big and vining over and I get a zuke off each plant every couple days.
  • Basil is flowering.
  • Thyme's looking dead
  • Dill looks horrible. Bottom half looks yellow and dead. I think it's on it's last leg
  • Potatoes plants are all dead. Time to dig!
  • Onions from garden center are falling over and looking done
  • Amish bottle onions are flowering, some are falling over. Wonder if it's because I just did the heavy weeding the other day? Hope I didn't kill them
  • Eggplants officially all dead
  • Brussel Sprouts eaten to death and I might pull them
  • Huckleberry plants are ginormous and are starting to get purple berries
  • Sweet potato plants starting to perk up and vine a little bit
  • Corn has it's first small corn on it! And the flower thingamajigs on top.
  • First butternut squash plant vining and about 3 feet long
  • Planted new yellow squash and zucchini a couple weeks ago. Chickens destroyed about half of the starts. Ugh. Need to get new seeds as I left them in the yard in the rain. That's why I planted them when I did lol.
Clay's bigger garden
  • Corn is getting pretty big.
  • Pole beans growing up the corn on two 100 ft rows
  • Pumpkins are vining and getting yellow flowers
  • Pumpkins wilting in heat of the day
  • Bush beans were getting a few handfuls a day but they're getting eaten by rabbits
  • Clay put up a fake owl yesterday to try and scare the rabbits
  • Clay found a few surviving watermelon plants. They're about a foot long LOL but have flowers.
  • His butternut squash are going slowly but going
  • Sweet potatoes not so great but limping along
  • Two pumpkin plants have died. I see no sign of cutworms or squash bugs. I think he's not watering enough
I know this is just for me, thanks if you even read it lol.


morninglight mama said...

Dear Kim-

I tried to email you on behalf of 5 Minutes for Books and a giveaway that you've won, but your email got kicked back to me. Email me please? morninglight00@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty nice garden. WE haven't started ours yet but in the process of getting it ready. Will probably only plant sweet potatoes until we plant a fall garden.

Susan said...

love your blog. you have some delicious looking food and fantastic photos on here.