Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday July 12th ramblings

I am currently reading a book my friend, Chautona, is writing about a lovely lady named Willow. Go read it! She posts chapters as she writes them. Tonight though something touched me a little. Throughout the first part of the story, she would read through her Mother's journals. Journals that told everything from the garden to her feelings on having a baby. Everything. Life. In words. Then tonight she was reminded at how important her own journals would be to her family in her the future.

I scrapbook, I do. And I journal about the story or my feelings on them. I do. But so much of it is art to me too. Creating, the fun of making a layout I love to look at. Pictures I love to look at. But oh how I'd love to read my grandmother's journals. Or great grandmother's. To read about how she did this without electricity, about the great flood this year, or the sound of the rain on the roof of the farm house or...

So there's that romantic part of me that wants to journal. But I've tried before. I've started journals a million times. Do I try to do it here? Would I be able to be real enough? That is the real question I think.

In the past in my old blog, I got the most response from friends when I was honest about weight, about struggles, marriage, all of it. When I started this blog, at first it was homestead focused, and family focused. Family focused as in I was writing and putting pictures for my family to read, not posting about thing that might be too real for them. But I lost the stories, the ramblings, the truth of life.

What does that mean? How will I go from here? I don't know. I had someone the other day tell me they missed my old blog, that they really loved reading the things I wrote. It made me sad that I haven't been that here. In some ways it was because no one I knew in real life knew my other blog for a long long time. What does my sweet hubby Clay want? I know he looks at the blog, he has his family read it, gives people the link to it, maybe this should be a family blog only? So I need another blog? I'll have to ask him I think eh?

So I'm starting a new hard copy journal. And starting to journal more here. And asking Clay how he feels about the blog. And praying about it. And rambling way too long. Good night.

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