Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Like I always say, it's been a while. And like always I say I want to post more and that I will but..... we all know how that goes. We had a great Father's Day. Well we sort of did two days. Today my Dad came into town to visit and we spent the day with him. It was great to have him here on Father's Day. I don't know the last time that was the case. When I was a teenager maybe. So Happy Father's Day dad. I love you.

Last night we celebrated Father's Day with Clay. It sure made me love him more that instead of wanting to do something alone or have a free day he came up with the idea to do something with the kids. He wanted to have fun with THEM for his day. And I suppose if one celebrates Mother's or Father's day that is what it should be. Not a day off but a day to celebrate the beauty and just great fun that being a parent is, a time to love and enjoy our children.

So this is our Father's Day.

Rounds were brought over for seats, rocks too, firepit made, fans made to beat the horrible heat, hotdog/marshmallow sticks sharpened, and tents played in.
Then after we roasted hot dogs, there was lots of this happening. In fact Adric roasted marshmallows until bedtime!

All of that led to lots of this:
Pictures of beautiful people were taken
We laughed, played, ate, laid on the trampoline, ate, were HOT, took a break after hot dogs to go in, cool off and watch Wall-E, had a great time and it all led to this:
Daddy and the kids sleeping outside in the tent. Mom on the other hand, went inside to watch movies and scrapbook in the cool house.

About 15 minutes later, Cassie came in. Turns out Clay thought he'd tell a scary story that was TOO scary for her. She couldn't sleep outside after that.

Then.... came Adric. It was too hot.

Then came Clay who had woken up Frankie who was asleep. Too hot.

And my movie time turned into movie time with Clay which meant he wanted to watch X-files instead of chic flicks. SIGH. LOL lol.

Happy Father's Day honey. I love you.

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