Sunday, June 14, 2009

Garden Journal - Sunday June 14th

Before I forget, going to do a quick garden journal. This one will have pictures though!

  • All broccoli and cabbage are done and gone. Had bad infestation of caterpillars that did my cabbage in. Planning on row covering them next year to see how that goes.
  • Loads of green tomatoes
  • Pole beans huge and overflowing. No open flowers yet but close
  • Potato plants starting to die back
  • Cilantro totally flowered and fallin over. Needs to be pulled
  • Amish bottle onions flowering
  • Most eggplants dying from flea beetle infestation. Gotta find out what to do about those. I've read loads and can't find a good answer.
  • Lettuce tall and bolted.
  • Lost 2 out of three of the first yellow squash plants lost to what look like vine borers.
  • Inch long zucchini on the plants.
  • Planted loads of sweet potato slips yesterday
  • Have lots of hot peppers growing on the hot pepper plants
  • Caught a gazillion squash bugs by spraying water on the plants and catching them as they crawled up to dry off. Kids loved that!
  • Cucumbers just starting to flower
  • Brussel sprouts have little buds, lots of caterpillar damage but I couldn't find a single bug one them yesterday. Maybe getting too hot. Hopefully.
  • Clay's winter squash seeds he planted are starting to peek their first true leaves. Just peeking. He planted those about a week and a half ago
  • Lots of green huckleberries. The huckleberries have really made it through and grown big despite the flea beetles.
  • Amish bottle onions flowering, open flowers. Took all flowers off all the other onions.
Clay's garden:
  • He put some fertilizer (gasp) on the corn. His corn is finally starting to get bigger with all this rain. Some are still 2 inches tall but some are 2 feet tall or taller.
  • Pumpkins starting grow. A couple are about 5 feet long with vines.
  • Two official nice yellow pumpkin flowers
  • Bush green beans just starting to flower
  • Planted 50 foot row of 2-3 wide of sweet potato slips yesterday

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