Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day Huh?

Okay after seeing Katie posting day after day about her time with NO internet and my whole "yeah I'm doing that too" thing, I figured I better check in :) Do I have any grand revelations? Lessons learned? I've learned that my resolve is not as big as I thought. I've learned that the internet is much more of a HABIT than I thought. I sit when I'm tired and read a blog or two. A lot. I've learned that my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. And that I'm not okay with just giving into my flesh quite so much.
What's she got there? A new garden plant to plant? I want LOTS to grow!
But I've also learned that even the simple concept of trying to not eat the bread of idleness has left me getting SO much more accomplished everyday. And that when I truly get to where not a moment of my life is fruitless I will get done everyday what I want to get done, what I dream can get done, and have been told that a mom whom homeschools with almost 5 children can't possibly get done in one day - that I CAN grow huge gardens, have animals, have a clean home, clothes on the line, never run out of things, read my Bible, spend great time with my children AND husband, bake all my own bread, and well.. be the superwoman I told myself just isn't realistic. Because in a few days of not NO internet but simply less, of reminding myself throughout the day to not be idle, things are getting done. And I can see a glimpse of just how some women achieve the seemingly impossible.
What a hard worker.
It's not that I can't do these things. I just choose not to. Like sitting here typing instead of cleaning the morning dishes. Sigh. Off to clean the kitchen :)
Getting more done gives you more time for this.

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