Saturday, May 23, 2009

In scrapbooking news

I scrapped :) I'm starting up a few posts about digital scrapbooking that should come out in the next few weeks for those of you who can't or don't want to spend thousands of dollars at the scrapbook store. And I have some recycled scrapping posts coming too!

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First up, Oops. Garrison fell and gave himself a gnarly little black eye. Doesn't he look cute? :D Who can resist a 1 year old with a shiner? Not this mom.

And speaking of irresistible baby moments, here he is again in rare form. No comments about me not tomato staking him. Clearly I wasn't doing the best job. But man he was so sweetly guilty I loved it.

I'm SO glad my kids are able to play for hours without a single toy. Cass and Adric spent the entire day "cooking" up grass and black walnuts for their restaurant. The two of them can spend hour after hour together pretending anything and everything. It amazes me. And makes me proud.

And oh how Frankie is growing up way too fast. He was so proud (and clearly so was his mom!) when he used the big tiller Clay rented.
I admit that scrapping is relaxing for me. I can tune out why Clay watches a movie and just scrap. It's nice. I missed it for the longest time.

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MamaMahnken said...

Those pages look great! They are digital? I just scrapped again the other day too, after not doing so for probably 6 months? I'm inspired to do more now, thanks! :)