Monday, November 2, 2009

String Figures

How we got to this place I don't know. On one hand we are moving more and more to being as self-reliant as we can. Cutting way back on electricity, line drying our clothes, heating with wood, growing as much of our own food as we can, and yet we are all tied to technology, bad. TV, computers, video games. Bad.

None more than I am. But that is for another post coming soon.

As a result of seeing this more and more, I've been trying to be more active in turning their minds away from the tv. I've been trying to remember and seeking out those simple fun games and toys that my kids can play that require little more than a string or ball.

Remember String Figures? While my childhood was the real beginning of the video game revolution (yes I spent way too many hours playing Atari, and then way too many days and weeks playing Nintendo as a kid) I still think back and there are so many simple pleasures we enjoyed as children.

We've started learning string figures. Cat's Cradle, Jacob's Ladder, Teacup and Saucer, and there's a million more we have yet to learn.

What's amazed me is how much they LOVE it! They each have their length of string they take with them everywhere constantly doing Jacob's Ladder. Here's a proud String Figurer :)
I remember Jacob's Ladder and Cat's Cradle from my childhood, but we did watch a YouTube video about it to double check :) Here's some links to some YouTube videos:
Sweet YouTube Videos by a nice young man

And here's a great site. It looks like it will take some getting used to and learning the symbols, but there are LOADS of great ones there that the kids are excited to learn.

Yeah you know you love toys that are nothing but a scrap of yarn. You can thank me later.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Hey now... this is a great idea. I'm going to hunt up some yard today! I'll just thank you now... Thanks Kim.

AND... I hate TV. Ü We have one... we even have satellite service. LOL So my rule is... no one can watch TV unless DAD is watching TV. My kids love me. We watch a lot of sports. BUT... last week the kids said, "I want to watch so and so." Dad said, "Well -- watch it Saturday then. So -- they got to watch TV on Saturday when dad was gone, because he gave permission.

So far we still don't have any video games. (whew), but I imagine that day is coming. We'll see.

Great post!! Thanks for sharing.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I'm going to hunt up some YARNNN.. I have a yard... need Y.A.R.N. Sorry.