Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beautiful Results!

Okay sometimes we need God to show us that what we're doing is working, that what we're doing is important. I'm so dorky to be excited about this right?

So since I originally typed my beauty post, which was a handful of days before posting it, I really have been trying hard to get the house in order and just looking nice. This morning I awoke to THIS email:
Making an effort in the little things does NOT go unnoticed even if you never get a thank you email.

What is even more lovely to me is how working on the little details adds to the big picture, making Clay think to thank me for the things I have done for a long long time.

There are some things I normally do to show Clay how much I love and appreciate him. I gather Clay's clothes before bed so at 4:30 in the morning he can just walk in the bathroom and take a shower. He has an ironed shirt everyday. And I make his breakfast and lunch everyday. I make a container of oatmeal, a quart of unsweet tea, a quart smoothie with raw milk and strawberries, a lunch, and now that he's working until 9:30 at night, a dinner as well. And I set up his coffee maker, grinding the beans, setting it up so her can just turn it on, setting out a coffee cup.

And if you rolled your eyes thinking how old-fashioned that all is, and how I'm giving into male/female stereotypes, that's good!


Camille said...

What a sweet encouragement! I don't think you are old-fashioned in a bad's beautiful! Well done!!


P.S. Followed the link over from FarmgirlCyn's blog...nice to "meet" you! :)

knottymama said...

Well, if all of that is old-fashioned, then maybe what we all need is a little more old-fashioned thoughtfulness and consideration. It seems to me that you do those things not because you're a woman, but because you love and appreciate your husband and want him to feel loved and appreciated. It sounds like he loves and appreciates you very much, too. You are lucky to have each other! Another lovely post. Thank you.

Kristy said...

Kim, Is the website all you need to log-in, or are you missing your password and stuff, too? The wesbite is

Email me at if I can help you anymore.