Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homestead to Health

So I'm overweight. Yeah. I said it. Oh I've said it before? Yeah well I'm still overweight. Nothing's really changed. Up until now I've tried everything. South Beach. Schwarzbein. Calorie Counting. And on and on. I've gone up. I've gone down. I've lifted weights (which I firmly believe in!) and done endless hours on the elliptical. But the life change was never really there. Not there in that it stuck.

The other day Clay and I went and worked outside. I pulled weeds in the garden. We were out for a couple hours. I felt great. I slept great. I've always said that I want to live the type of life that doesn't need ellipticals. I've heard SO many of my girl friends say it. We all want to be living a life so full of activity, a life that tries to live off the real food their growing in their gardens, so FULL that they don't need to plan elliptical time and buy diet "cheese product" (I couldn't call low fat cheese CHEESE. I just can't. It's weird.)

At this point I figure the way, the only way, for me to lose weight and live a life of good health and good body weight, will be to achieve this idea of living a life that doesn't need constant trips to the treadmill to keep it off. So I'm starting my own little series to try and keep myself motivated. If any of the 5 people who read this blog want to join along be my guest! I'll even make myself a little graphic you can use if you want.

So the idea?

A, Basically an attempt to eat how a homesteader would eat. That doesn't mean no cake ever but trying to make deliberate choices in what I make for my family and what I put in my mouth. Eat seasonally. Eat grass-fed meats and dairy. Can and dehydrate foods for leaner times. Eat whole real food. And enjoy the occasional treat as it comes along. Try and eat in a way that's intentional. Eat like one out on a homestead in the past would eat. Whole fruits, veggies, home canned foods, good healthy meats, healthy traditional fats like butter, lard, olive oil. Long soaked sourdough type breads and grains. Also in the thought process of eating like a homesteader, not eating insane amounts of food LOL. I just can't see Pa and Ma Ingalls eating 7 pieces of cake. Or eating 10 handfuls of chocolate chips. Can you?

B, work outside almost every day. And even on off days, do small outside projects like reload the wood on the porch. I need to get off my rear and make this homestead happen. A lot of projects would be done already if I had been out everyday doing them instead of in here on my rump in front of this computer. Essentially, start creating that life so full of activity that my metabolism does its job naturally. That life I was saying I wanted.

So I'm going to start keeping track of the kinds of food we eat, how to prepare certain foods, link to other's great information about fats, etc. And post the great homesteading chores I'm doing to shrink this waistline.


Anonymous said...

I don''t really have a homestead (just an acre or two) but I need to do the same things! I want to have an active lifestyle even though I have always been a sloth!
thanks for the motivation!!

Jen C

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Well -- we do eat well... I just eat too much. I was just reminded this week... "Why do we eat? for FUEL. that's it." So -- I don't need to be eating too much.

So -- here we go again. LOL I'm not a homesteader, but I'll enjoying reading about your journey.

Julia Morrill said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. This is a great idea. My husband and I moved to our little farm after losing a huge amount of weight and we felt like finally we would be able to do the work.

You can do it. I look forward to seeing your progress and some of the exciting things you'll be making. Since we've been here we've been experimenting with raising our own chickens for meat and eggs(really good), making some bread from homemade sourdough starter (not good), and growing our first garden. If you want to see some pics of our little place check out (Let me know if you want to know about our program that helped us lose weight.)

MommaofMany said...

Use the 80/20 principle. Try to eat right and follow the rules 80% of the time. The other 20%, enjoy yourself and loosen up. We eat dessert every Saturday, and we look forward to it. Knowing ice cream is coming makes it easier to be good for the rest of the week. :)

Kristin said...

Didn't you JUST have a baby?? Give yourself a good year and let that kid suck it off you! Of course, eat well, as you have mentioned. When you eat real food and work on your homestead, you will get to your normal, healthy weight naturally. That may not be toothpick thin. Go by how you feel. And be blessed!