Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do You Swagbucks?

I debated for forever whether to post this but I'm going to lol!

Okay so are you on swagbucks? Total self-promotion thing going on here but bear with me. Swagbucks is so simple and so cool though. Join and start searching. What's the premise? Search through swagbucks' search engine when you search and earn swagbucks. A certain number of SB and you earn REAL bucks towards online stores - Amazon, etc. That's it. Search and win! Simple. Then refer others and you get bucks whenever they earn bucks. Honestly it rocks. No gimmicks. If you Google, start swagbucking and earn while you search.

Go through this link to join or click the image banner and I can earn swagbucks as you do:

Click that link and join. Free stuff!

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