Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Actually Scrapped

Some of you know but not all of you that I used to have a more popular blog when I was a scrapbook designer for my stay-at-home job. Since retiring from designing I took a long hiatus from scrapping. But Garrison's growing up, there's so many things going on around here, that I felt I needed to at least start doing some simple memory layouts here and there. So I did a little layout tonight about Garrison's special words. That child, he talks up a storm. He can say, or at least try to say, almost everything. But there are some words that are just special. Whether it's what they are, what they mean to someone in the family or how he says them. I didn't want to forget. I wish I had kept at least a journal or baby book when the others were little to jot down these little things. I do have my old blog. It has a lot on it but it's not the same. I may start journaling again. I miss it. Okay, off to bed. But here's a little layout eye candy for fun. And maybe it'll serve as a little reminder that it's important to write these little things down so we have them later when they suddenly become more important then you realized in the moment.
Click for larger view. Night.